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Natural beauty, the best things for health

Currently we spend a lot of money on creams, beauty products, makeup and more and more people are betting on natural ingredients that give us benefits with fewer side effects than chemicals. The fashion of making homemade preparations to show off radiant skin, exfoliate the skin or have healthy hair is becoming more widespread.
Although it seems true that everything is invented but what is really surprising is that it is not from now, many of the tricks are natural remedies that our grandmothers already used. As in fashion, everything returns, in the beauty councils the same thing happens, the wisdom of our elders does not go out of style.
What is certain, is that the natural used correctly will always be better than all chemical at least will have less side effects given that they contain more neutral ingredients.
We will recover some of the grandmother’s homemade remedies tricks more known, so take note and do not hesitate to try them, because they are really effective.

Honey for radiant skin

Honey is a powerful antioxidant with a multitude of properties and is ideal for healthy skin. Apply it to your skin along with avocado and you will get a correct hydration it also helps the skin spots disappear. If you have oily skin and you do not know how to treat it, we offer you the best tips for oily skin in the link.
We advise you to make a mask with a yogurt, half an avocado and two tablespoons of honey every month to show a radiant, smooth and unblemished skin. This trick is ideal for after the summer to recover the state of the skin after solar exposures, if you want to know more tricks to protect your skin from the sun click here.
You can see here the properties of the Manuka Honey, the star of the honeys.

Almond oil for damaged, dry and dull hair

You will have seen that a lot of beauty products contain almond oil as an ingredient and that it is a powerful moisturizer and repairer
The problem of oils is that they can grease the scalp, so we should apply them only from means to ends, never on the scalp. Let’s act for 15-20 minutes and rinse the hair with our usual shampoo.
If you have a dry hair and you’re looking to moisturize it you can mix oils like almond, coconut, sesame and avocado and add a spoonful of honey to take advantage of the antioxidant benefits of honey, we can also add banana to make the mixture more complete and nutritious. If you have the oily hair in this post we give you the best advice on how to fight it.

Vinegar for softer hair

Another beauty trick for grandma is vinegar for a soft hair and silky. The most commonly used vinegar is raspberry because it does not have as much odor, but you can also use the apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Removes excess waste and releases clogged follicles from the scalp and promotes good circulation and prevents hair from weakening, becoming brittle and damaged, it also helps to brighten hair.
You can choose to apply vinegar directly act 5 minutes in the shower and then rinse with plenty of water and the usual shampoo or mix vinegar with water and thoroughly impregnate all the hair and leave for 30 minutes and rinse with the shampoo you use.
If you want to know the best Tips to prevent hair loss, here is all the information.

With vinegar say goodbye to lice

As you already know, vinegar is also used for treatments such as pediculosis (lice) this remedy is well known for its effectiveness because the steam that Generates the vinegar kills these annoying little bugs, so if you have kids at home, a solution for lice is to soak the hair in vinegar and roll it up with a towel.
They should stay with their hair damp in vinegar for at least two hours , after that time there will not be a live bug, we will have to wash the hair as we usually do and pass a nit to remove the eggs. Lice out!

Coconut oil and olive oil for soft feet

Having the skin of soft feet as well as that of elbows ] or knees can sometimes be an arduous task since these areas dry easily leaving a cracked and even neglected appearance because of the dryness the skin becomes black.
In the case of the feet it is convenient to apply at night and put a cotton sock and let it act while we sleep. We can do the same in the hands, with gloves. On the knees and elbows it will be enough to apply a small amount once a day and let it dry.

Natural scrubs, a commitment to healthy skin

To maintain a healthy skin it is necessary to eliminate the dead cells that remain in it after dehydration. For this we must exfoliate the skin we can do it in different ways. One of the best known is with half a tomato and a bit of fine salt, the antioxidant properties of tomato in combination with salt provide a correct exfoliation, in addition tomato antioxidants penetrate after cell cleaning, remember to moisturize the skin after exfoliating it always
Another way to exfoliate the skin is with the grounds of the ground coffee a very effective formula for the face, since it produces a gentle exfoliation that, together with the properties of the coffee, revitalizes the face by the effects of caffeine.

Coffee to reduce bags and dark circles

The caffeine reduces dark circles and bags in the eyes, you can make fillings with coffee also to reduce bags and dark circles or to impregnate two cottons in coffee and leave them over the eyes for 20 minutes.
We can also reduce the bags and dark circles by letting two teaspoons cool in the freezer and applying them cold for 15 minutes over our eyes.
Another trick of the grandmother that works, if you wake up with swollen eyes, try it!

Natural biphasic skin cleanser

Milk has always been used to clean the skin if you look there are many products of beauty cleaners that have milk, if you want to make your own two-phase to clean your makeup face. You can do it by combining milk with oil, either almond or coconut, or even olive and if you add a few drops of lemon you will provide antioxidants for your skin and you will get an cleaner unbeatable. ]
They are tricks simple but effective that help us to improve our image, with natural products within the reach of any person that is transmitted from generation to generation. Their effectiveness makes them spread, so if you did not know any of them, go ahead and try them.
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