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Home remedies for sore throat

Sore throats are one of the most common reasons why people go to the doctor, their causes can be very diverse and we must take into account whether or not we have an infection to be able to treat pain correctly.
The sore throats may be due to inflammation or irritation or in addition to infection. The causes are mainly viral, that is, viruses are the main cause of sore throat.
There are many natural remedies that can relieve sore throat naturally, that is why we are going to explain everything that can help you in an effective way.
Sore throat

Most common causes of sore throat

The most common causes as we have highlighted are viral infections but they can also be due to a dry or contaminated environment, allergies such as dust, pollen or other agents present in the environment
Smoking is one of the factors that increase sore throats due to the irritation produced by harmful substances contains the snuff.
The exposure to cold or being in contact with people who may have throat infections, or flu increases our predisposition to get more if we have weakened immune system.
Other causes for which the throat can hurt us is to suffer tonsillitis, known as angina, or suffering from gastric acid reflux since it causes us throat irritation or suffering from an infl infection with bacterial infection such as streptococcal pharyngitis or laryngitis.

Sore throat and its most common symptoms

Sore throat is a symptom in itself but not all sore throats are the same and some are more severe than others.
Sore throat can be very different, in fact it can go from a slight discomfort or sensation of scratching, pain when swallowing sensation of dryness aphonia (hoarse voice) up to difficulty for swallowing or inflammation of the glands or ducts of the respiratory tract
Sore throat is usually one of the first symptoms of suffering from a common cold and the flu that sometimes develops with fever, discharge nasal, congestion, headache, abdominal pain or vomiting. If your sore throat is associated with a dry cough, here you have the best remedies for persistent dry cough .

Home remedies more effective for sore throat

Drinking hot liquids has always been one of the most used tips by our grandmothers and is that it works for its calming effect, but it really works when the Sore throat is associated with a common cold or flu, since the fact of drinking liquids will help us hydrate and fluidify the mucus and be easier to expel. Therefore we recommend drinking plenty of liquid, you can help with teas or infusions such as pennyroyal, or eucalyptus and sweeten it with honey to soften the throat.
The honey as we have indicated above, acts as a smoothing the throat by its thickness when going through the throat, also if you use manuka honey you can benefit from its antibacterial properties. Find out more about the properties of manuka honey here
For quick relief of sore throat, do gargle with warm water and half a teaspoon of salt , this ancient remedy is very effective in fighting sore throat.
Using a humidifier has always helped pathologies of the respiratory tract, and that moisture helps to dissolve mucus and make it less thick and easy to eliminate. Also if we add eucalyptus essential oil or menthol we can help more effectively to loosen the mucus. We must monitor the cleaning of these devices so that bacteria are not generated and proliferate in the humid environment.

Hot or cold food for sore throat?

Well, although it seems contradictory both of them work, the heat is soothing and the cold numbs us so they can work both, try to prove which one you feel more comfortable and recovered.
Drink or eat cold things soothes sore throat, as long as we do not have symptoms of cold, such as rhinitis or snot , malaise or headache. Ice acts as a tranquilizer, because it numbs and refreshes our throat. We can opt for juices or fresh fruit smoothies.
The hot drinks as teas or infusions usually soothe sore throats. You can choose the chamomile from which you can see all its properties here.
You can also try with eucalyptus tea mint or licorice all these are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, help improve breathing capacity and pulmonary anointing.
There are many solutions in the market for sore throat, such as sprays with anti-inflammatories or pills that calm the itching and redness, but nothing like a good hot broth and some honey and lemon candies to end the sore throat.
It is important that if the pain persists beyond three or four days or you have fever ]go to the specialist to determine if there is any complication or infection such as tonsillitis or any virus or bacteria for which it could prescribe antibiotics .


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