Meditation at Home – How to Learn to Meditate at Home


Meditation is not a new invention or a passing fad, it is a set of techniques that has thousands of years behind it. Although its recognition as a beneficial technique is relatively close, there have been few cultures that have developed their own techniques and theories around it.
And is that anyone with real intention to learn can apply meditation. No need for a certain physical condition or a conscientious training.
It is important that we differentiate between meditation as a home exercise to disconnect from the world and find ourselves, to meditation for therapeutic purposes.
Psychology, together with medicine, has carried out a deep theoretical study that demonstrates its benefits in terms of disorders as widespread as depression or anxiety.
In spite of this, we will learn to meditate in order to relax, to find ourselves in the second case it is advisable that we go to a specialist.
Spiritual Science As Applied To Medicine

Preparing our moment of meditation

As important as the exercises is to have prepared the environment where we will meditate to obtain the maximum benefit. Our moments of meditation will depend on the place where we perform it and the time we assign it.
We can not belittle any of the two nor justify ourselves because of them if the meditation does not go as we expected:
A quiet and intimate place: It is the best way to define the corner where we meditate. We must find a space in our home with little noise, without external stimuli that distract us like television or the computer (if we can not avoid making sure they are turned off) and where they do not bother us if we live with more people.
Not all of us have an isolated garden or a living room with space to throw a mat but we can prepare a small space for ourselves if we really try.
The ideal moment to meditate: Keeping a schedule is important to be able to do it but even more is to make sure that we meditate only with a clear head.
If we resort to meditation as therapy to forget the problems we will only get even more nervous, meditation requires concentration and if we do not notice its effects we will enter a vicious circle where each failure will make us try it with worse intentions. If we are not well, it is better not to meditate.

Tips for our first sessions

Once we are sure of having the space and time required to meditate we can make the leap to the exercises themselves.
1- Careful: we should not try to start doing the classic posture sitting on the floor with legs crossed. In meditation it is more important to get our mind empty, letting the body be just a companion.
The position mentioned is the most beneficial in requiring that we control the whole body posture, increasing the feeling of control, but it requires more experience on our part.
2- To start we can sit down, concentrating on the physical sensations and thoughts. The objective is to notice that we are controlling our organism more, realizing sensations that we ignored.
As we manage to isolate the sensations better, we will be able to modify them little by little, relaxing ourselves while we allow the thoughts to vanish little by little.
3- Accompany meditation with basic respiratory techniques. Inhale for 5 seconds and let the air out slowly while you close your eyes.
It is a simple and effective exercise that will add to the effects of meditation itself, being able to shorten the time of exhalation along with the need to repeat it before reaching the tranquility we seek.
4- The last thing we will need for our meditation to be complete is to accompany it with images and positive thoughts. It is the definitive form of control and the one that makes meditation so powerful, allowing us to move everything negative away from our heads while allowing us a better contemplation of the problems that invade us.
With perseverance and dedication we will adapt our way of meditating as it helps us more. We can modify postures, try new movements or even accompany small active exercises such as stretching, all in order to control our body perfectly.


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