How To Find People in Australia


Trying to find people in Australia but don’t know where to start? You’ve found the right place.

Conducting people searches has never been made easier. With Internet and various modern technologies at our disposal, there is virtually no place a person can hide without being found. Trying to find people in Australia is much the same. There are many places to look, some of them obvious, some often overlooked. We’ll be featuring a little of each, enough to give you a jumpstart on your quest to find people in Australia.

This is a pretty comprehensive site to find people in Australia. Services include business search, government, residential, info numbers, and other helpful information, such as postcode and international dialing codes. The site also offers maps, complete with driving directions, and other miscellaneous information that you may find helpful in your search.

Find People in Australia

Electoral Roll

Okay, so this is not an online search option and perhaps that is why it is an often overlooked method to find people in Australia. However, it is actually a fairly accurate source of information about people you are trying to find, as opposed to many inaccuracies that are common in many online white page directories.

To find people in Australia using the electoral roll, simply drop by in person at your local AEC office.

Reverse Search

Sometimes, when you are trying to find people in Australia, you might not have a name to start your search with. Maybe all you have is a phone number or an address. In that case, what you need to do is conduct a reverse search by phone number or address. This should be easy as many online directories actually offer a reverse search as part of their general services.

Simply go to that part of the website where they offer the reverse search option and enter the information you have in the appropriate box. For instance, if you only have a phone number, enter that in the box labeled “PHONE.” Often, it will contain an additional box where you are asked to enter the state or city. This is a way for you to narrow the search down. If you know the state or city where the person you’re looking for might be in, then enter that as well, and then click SEARCH. The next page should display a list of results.

Search by School

There are many ways of going about this method to find people in Australia. You can conduct a search through old school friends. That is, if the person you are looking for is someone you used to know, contact old friends who is also a mutual acquaintance and go from there.

Another method is to visit the website of the school where your friend used to attend. School websites often have policies of keeping information about their students and alumni. Just check their FAQ section to find out how to access their database.


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