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Assembly work at home? What is that? That’s an understandable reaction coming from you considering that assembly work at home is really quite rare. Sure. We’ve all heard of countless work at home opportunities from running an Internet business to stuffing envelopes, but assembly work at home? What exactly does a person with an assembly work at home job do?

Well, to explain a few things, assembly work at home involves assembling various items for a manufacturer. However, instead of doing it in a factory, you are given the option of working from your home. The items that you assemble in your assembly work at home job can range from electronic circuits to baby clothes. It’s a pretty easy job but unfortunately, as stated earlier, is a lot rarer than most people might realize.

Assembly work at home might open doors for people who want to find a great way of earning extra money. And advertisements on newspapers make all of it sound too easy so it’s no wonder people flock to it. But the problem with assembly work at home schemes is that these jobs may well turn out to be just scams, elaborate con jobs carefully designed to take your money without giving you much in return.

How Assembly Work At Home Scams

The first thing you should watch out for in assembly work at home schemes is the money required of you. Scams usually ask you to fill out a form which you will later send along with a ‘deposit’ or a registration fee. The normal range of this fee would be between $20 and $40.

Supposedly, it’s payment for the information pack, instructions, and materials you will receive and which they say you will need to get you started on your assembly work at home. These ‘companies’ claim to have ‘high standards’ in all their products and in order for them to be able to sell your work, you must conform to these.

After you finish assembling the items, you will then have to send one off to the company for quality assessment. Here in lies the problem. However good your work is, they won’t be able to measure up to the standards. This is because the company simply has no real interest in selling the products since the idea was a scam in the first place. So the result? They got what they wanted: your money. And what do you have? A bunch of products you will have to sell yourself in order to see any profit from your hard work.


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