Dandruff Home Remedies How to Eliminate it


Dryness on the scalp? Itchy? dandruff? What happens to my hair? You need a solution to your hair problem, then we will tell you the best natural remedies to eliminate dandruff and avoid its appearance, but not before informing you of what this type of alterations of the skin and the scalp that cause these unsightly dry skin appear.

What is dandruff?

The dandruff does not is another thing that desquamation of the skin of the scalp, is a product of the death of cells forming small scales. Dandruff can appear for different reasons and in most cases this dermatological problem usually does not cause a major health problem, although in some cases it is one of the symptoms of more important diseases.
Most of the time we see dandruff as a aesthetic problem or even related to hygiene and it really is not the case, dandruff is a dermatological problem that affects a large part of the population at some time life and does not necessarily have to do with hygiene.

Why does it get dandruff, what produces it?

The causes that produce it are usually by scalp irritation that begins with itching or redness resulting in dryness. It is a failure of the process of regeneration of the skin, which causes cells to die that have not yet matured and accumulate on the surface of the scalp forming layers that come off.
For dandruff to appear there are three circumstances, the first is to possess a microorganism that is present in the scalp called malassezia globosa on the other hand the presence of fat on the scalp that upon decomposition produces an oleic acid irritating to the scalp and finally a predisposition and sensitivity to this acid.
The presence of the microorganism is totally normal, we all have it and it feeds on fatty oils that generate the hair follicles. In a healthy scalp the cells die each month and are replaced by others approximately every month, however for unknown reasons this fungus grows sometimes uncontrollably producing an irritation that causes the acceleration of the process of cellular renewal that causes layers of dead skin to accumulate and become detached.
This acceleration causes the cycle to shorten by two weeks, which causes the skins to fall off. they mix with the oleic acid produced by the follicles forming scales that detach from the scalp.

What factors intervene in the development of dandruff?

There are many factors that can intervene in the formation of these unsightly skins from environmental factors that interfere in the skin in general as times of cold that can cause dryness, hormonal disorders that cause an increase in the fat in the scalp, stress suffer seborrheic dermatitis or other skin diseases that cause irritation ] and scam .
Dandruff can be the product of disorders that cause other diseases, in these cases it does not disappear, whereas in the cases described above, it usually appears in seasons or outbreaks , or in times of life as it may be during adolescence; since a increase in fat occurs at the dermal level by the drastic hormonal changes occurring at this stage.

How to remove dandruff quickly naturally?

Here we offer you the best remedies for combat dandruff and that way you can wear healthy, beautiful and strong hair.
First place one of the most common remedies to prevent dandruff is to mix two tablespoons of pepper powder with a yogurt and apply this mask all over the scalp and leave for about an hour.
It is very effective for hair the use of apple cider vinegar or raspberry vinegar you can apply it as a lotion to increase blood circulation, you should make a good massage to irrigate the area giving it a strong and careful aspect to the hair; also contributes to eliminate excess fat.
The sodium bicarbonate is a product widely used for beauty treatments, and that is a powerful exfoliant, simply mix a spoonful with the shampoo that use usually and rinse well after a light massage and leave for three minutes.
Although it seems contradictory because excess fat increases the production of dandruff, apply vegetable oils of quality as coconut oil or olive oil allows us to keep the scalp hydrated. It is important to follow the recommendations so that the use of oils is correct. We can do it in two different ways:
Firstly apply olive oil to the scalp with a light massage and let it act all night to absorb the fats of the scalp or make a lemon juice mixture, which acts as a detoxifier, with a few tablespoons of coconut oil and leave for 30 minutes as a mask.
Apply Aloe vera is another of the most effective remedies to reduce the appearance of fat and dandruff, for a correct application we must let it act at least 15 minutes; this will produce a correct hydration of our scalp.
We can make a plaster of seeds of fenugreek that is to say soften them with water to apply it as a mask and leave it for 20 minutes before washing the hair, these seeds absorb excess fat and impurities from the scalp, which will make us get rid of dandruff in a short time.

Recommendations for a healthy hair

It is very important that you guarantee your body an adequate nutrition through a correct diet or balanced diet, since first we must nourish ourselves inside, so that it is noticed by
It is essential to indicate that the hair is part of our body and is one of the main indicators that something is not going well, so we must take into account and monitor their condition always, as well as the state of the skin it is the reflection of what happens inside our body.
If you suffer some other alteration such as excessive hair loss or any other dermatological problem related to hair such as a hair fatty you can consult how to remedy it in the links. It is important to make good washes and rinse the shampoos properly so that there are no remains that can irritate the scalp.
You can help essential oils such as castor oil, or borage oil both widely used to protect hair health.


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