23 Most popular Pilate Method keywords


The Pilate method is part of the group of anaerobic exercises, that is, those physical activities that are carried out in a brief way and that are based, fundamentally, on strength.

Its main objective is not to burn calories, but to strengthen the muscles and increase the control, strength and flexibility of our body. Although, like all physical exercise, it implies an increase in energy expenditure and, therefore, also contributes to maintaining a balanced weight.

pilates method

The six essential principles of this method are control, concentration, fluency, precision, breathing and center. Precisely, with this last principle, Pilates refers to a specific area of the body called the center of force, which is also known as the mansion of power.

This area would be formed by the abdominal muscles, the base of the back and the buttocks and the intention is that, through its strengthening, the rest of the body parts are exercised.

Here i bring you 23 best pilates method keywords for your pilates website

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