14 Most Common Exercises To Lose Weight Fast Without Leaving Home.


Hello everyone, today we bring you a workout to lose weight fast. But how does this training differ to allow us to lose weight more quickly than other weight loss methods?

Well simply because it is a HIIT (high intensity interval training). That in Christian means training at high intensity intervals. You can learn more about the link topic above.

But this type of workout also has its draws, the first thing that you must be completely healthy to avoid any health problem since you are going to test your body subjecting it to great stress.

Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

Another drawback is that you need a state of minimally acceptable form, since if you are in very low shape you will not be able to take advantage of this training because you will not be able to print the proper intensity to burn fat properly.

If this is your case, I recommend that you try out a beginner’s training for one or two weeks before you start doing this fast weight-loss exercise or visit this link where we teach you how to get started on HIIT routines.

It is also necessary that you take a proper food because if after doing this training in which you get to burn 400 or 500 kcal with much effort and then you eat a Big mac that you have 600 or 700 kcal you will be worse than before you started, for which I recommend you follow a healthy diet to achieve progressive and continued weight loss.

The training To Lose Weight Fast is composed of 2 circuits, a warm-up, composed of 4 exercises and by the HIIT composed of 10 exercises. The heating circuit is nothing special, it is simply to get a little warm and prepare the body for the 2nd circuit that is much more intense.

In the HIIT circuit, it consists of 5 high intensity slimming exercises that will be done for 30 seconds combined with low impact aerobic exercises that will be done for 60 seconds as an active rest.


Trotting 30s
Hip twist and touching floor-30s
Open and close legs with heels-30s
Side step and touch ground-30s


Step Heel-60s
Fist knee-60s
Squat and knees to the chest-30s
Elbow Knee-60s
Strides with jump-30s
Right knee-60s
2 jumps and knees to the chest-30s
Left knee-60s


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