10 Tips To Burn Quick Calories


Now yes, the summer is over and Christmas is coming soon and for this we must be prepared for when that moment comes to break the diet and it does not affect us as much, it will not affect but not much if we follow this

10 Tips To Burn Quick Calories

10 tips to burn calories.

  1. Have breakfast yes or yes. The lack of food makes the metabolism take as a store the necessary nutrients for the muscle, instead of the fat. That’s why you should make a complete breakfast that includes proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, healthy fats … so you’ll get the energy your body needs during the day.
  2. Drink more water. With 8 glasses a day it burns 20% faster and also your body will maintain the levels of hydration.
  3. Walk as if you will always be late. Accelerating the pace increases energy expenditure. It goes from burning 220 calories to 350 calories per hour!
  4. Laughs a lot. Laughter activates 400 muscles and produces the secretion of endorphins which generates spontaneous fat burning and relieves anxiety.
  5. Always straight. A correct back position stylizes the figure but also makes the abdominal muscles are more stretched and ready to burn fat.
  6. Do not be late. Avoid eating before bedtime to avoid the accumulation of fat, at most one hour before going to bed you can take an infusion or yogurt with bifidus.
  7. Just relax. Stress generates cortisol which increases the storage of fat, especially in the abdomen.
  8. Never stop eating. To lose weight, do not skip meals, just the opposite! The key is to eat more times a day in smaller quantities.
  9. Enjoy with your partner. Sex releases endorphins and stress. The energy expenditure will depend on the duration and intensity but they say that it is capable of burning 250 calories per hour so..to enjoy!
  10. Sleep well. The indicated is between 7 and 9 hours, sleep less will decrease the activity of your metabolism and will make you more capricious in front of the food, little sleep increases the preference for more caloric foods.

As you can see, what I suggest is very easy to apply and the results will surprise you.

Courage and burn calories without much effort.


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