10 Perfect and Ideal Diet when you come at the Third Age


In every moment the human being has different nutritional needs. In the older adult there are particular physical circumstances that imply that there is a change in diet when you come at third age. Here we tell you the most important aspects to take into account.

When you reach the third age, the production of saliva is reduced, the gums can be atrophied, the saliva production is reduced and the reflux is increased. Then it is necessary that people with these conditions make certain important modifications to their diet.

diet for third age

The diet for third age must adapt to the new physical conditions, but at the same time give the necessary nutritional contribution. That is, the strategy is to achieve a diet with all kinds of meals, but easy to digest, and served in small portions.

Also note:

  1. The diet should include 60% animal proteins, lean grilled meats, cooked or steamed fish.

  2. A 40% protein of plant origin, combined cereals.

  3. Three daily servings of dairy products that provide calcium. They have advantages in terms of the possible absorption of calcium against milk and cheeses.

  4. In case of difficulty for chewing, natural juices should be given.

  5. As for vegetables can be given in the form of soup or puree.

  6. If the doctor forbids it, you can take two glasses of wine a day.

  7. Very high calorie foods such as chocolates, soft drinks, and pastries are very limited in this diet.

  8. It is always advisable, if possible and under medical guidance, daily exercise.

  9. You should stay hydrated and drink enough liquid between meals.

  10. Remember that maintaining good nutritional health is learned from an early age.


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